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To Wendy Palliser

This letter is to inform anyone thinking of enlisting Palliser Real Estate in regards to selling and buying a property.

To whom it may concern:

Having attempted to sell my own property for 1 month I was approached by many real estate agents to offer to sell my property. 

I was adamant to sell it myself and save on real estate agent costs so I refused until I met Wendy.

 Wendy was very flexible in regards to my terms.  Wendy reserarched the best possible price for me on advertising, put an

 effective company board on my property at no cost and agreed on a reasonable rate for the sale.  I was kept informed

 throughout the sale of the property and was very pleased with the result.

 I would not hestitate in recommending Wendy to anyone thinking of buying or selling a property.



 To Wendy

 Being a builder for the past 35 years I was approached by Wendy Palliser. I impressed with her selling and manners.

 She sold 5 units between August and September.

 I want to wish her all the best in her real estate business.